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Motorola's Blur-flavored Gingerbread update for Droid X in the wild?

Chris Ziegler

You could argue that Motorola still has some work to do to emerge the hole it dug itself while pushing back major version updates for its early Android devices time and time again, but it's definitely improving -- and it looks like a Blur-ified build of Gingerbread for the Droid X is already starting to leak. As you might recall, Moto's 4.3-inch beast launched on Eclair before getting Froyo a few months later, so the fact that the company is seemingly preparing its second big update already is notable to say the least; it looks to be basically the same thing they've already shown on the Atrix, which is definitely a marked improvement from the Blur of old. No word on how the source got these shots, but we can only hope it means the over-the-air update isn't too far off.

[Thanks, Andrew]

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