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Satin Silver PS3, new Blu-Ray remote announced for Japan


Sony has revealed a new color variation for the PS3 Slim in Japan, the lovely "Satin Silver." It will be released on March 10 in 160 and 320 GB models for ¥29,980 ($368) and ¥34,980 ($429), respectively, and in "limited quantities." The bundles will include a USB cable, an AV cable, and a Satin Silver DualShock 3. Hardcore coordinators will be able to pick up a silver vertical stand for ¥2,000 ($25).

Sony is also releasing a new version of its Blu-Ray remote on March 31 in Japan, which includes controls for the Torne DVR, IR functionality to control TVs and other devices, and a smaller, lighter design. However, it's not silver, so who cares?

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