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9to5Mac acquires iPad 2 display


9to5Mac reports that it has acquired an iPad 2 display from iPhone repair shop 9to5Mac has not been able to verify the display's resolution yet, though one of the site's commenters has made an unverified claim that the display is a 9.7-inch display from LG with a 1024 x 768 resolution, the same resolution as the current iPad. If they really want to verify the display resolution, I can think of one way: put it under a microscope.

Noting higher build quality compared to the currently-shipping iPad's LCD, 9to5Mac also says the display is lighter and over a millimeter thinner than the current iPad's display. The display appears superficially similar to one that parts reseller GlobalDirectParts offered a few weeks ago (which has since been pulled from the site), which lends credence to 9to5Mac's claim that this is the next-gen iPad's display.

We expect the iPad 2 to debut within the next couple of months, so we'll know if this display is the real deal relatively soon.

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