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Dragon Age 2 PC DRM detailed, no disc check or install limit

Curious about the inconvenience factor of the PC version of Dragon Age 2's DRM? BioWare community coordinator Chris Priestly has explained the game's anti-piracy measures on the developer's forums: The Steam version of the game will only use the basic Steam DRM tools, while the box-copy edition of the game will make use of two (relatively) non-obtrusive methods to keep adventurers on the straight and narrow.

The first method is a "Release Control," which locks down the game until its official release date in the user's territory. The second is a more permanent DRM method -- though it doesn't require a disc check or limit the number of installations that can be made from a single copy of the game. After registering the game during installation, players can play on up to five different PCs within 24 hours. They can even play offline, though the game will need to make online checks at certain (heretofore undecided) intervals.

Also, before you're able to play the game, you have to drink from a pewter goblet of Darkspawn blood. There's a pretty good chance that this test will kill you. But hey -- no disc checks! That's pretty sweet, right?

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