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Nokia E6-00 to have VGA display?

Chris Ziegler

Now-pulled Picasa shots already told us that Nokia's upcoming E6-00 would likely be sporting an 8 megapixel camera, but now we've got another scrap of evidence that points to a notable feature: an honest-to-goodness 640 x 480 display, which would be a small upgrade from the 640 x 360 "nHD" resolution Espoo's used on some of its high-end models as of late. The information comes to us via an official user agent profile for the device that's up on Nokia's site, so it's just about as official as it gets; there was also a Wi-Fi Alliance certification online at some point, though it's since been pulled. Needless to say, it seems the odds are at least decent that we could see this launch at MWC in a few days -- especially since the company has finally scheduled a press event there.

[Thanks, Glenn]

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