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RIFT pre-orders rewarded with exclusive Team Fortress 2 unlocks


Through regular closed beta events and frequent information reveals, Trion Worlds has really been pushing the word out on its upcoming fantasy MMO RIFT. The game's marketing campaign has taken a bit of an unexpected turn today with the announcement of a promotional partnership between the upcoming MMO and Valve's Team Fortress 2. Steam users who pre-order RIFT during the month of February or who have already purchased the game through Steam, will be given two limited-edition weapons in Team Fortress 2.

The "Sharpened Volcano Fragment" and "Sun-on-a-stick" are exclusive melee weapons available only to RIFT pre-order customers. In return, Valve is adding a new achievement to Team Fortress 2 that unlocks an exclusive item in RIFT. The Riftwalker achievement will grant TF2 players a code, which can be redeemed through the RIFT account management page. An exclusive headcrab-based headpiece, the "Well Spun Hat," will then be delivered in-game during RIFT's headstart period for pre-order customers on February 24th. This unusual promotion has left many of us here at Massively scratching our heads in confusion, but with the popularity of Valve's Team Fortress 2, it could prove to be a very successful move.

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