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The New York Times to provide reporters with the iPhone 4

David Quilty

The New York Times is giving their mobile reporters iPhone 4s to shoot video out in the field along with the ability to upload them to NYT servers using Aspera's high-speed file transfer software. Brought to our attention by MacStories, The New York Times' Editorial Director for Video and Television, Ann Derry, recently spoke to the Beet.TV Online Video Journalism Summit about the decision, saying that the iPhone 4 is a "game changer" for mobile video and the news business.

The first NYT staff member to receive and use his new iPhone 4 was Andrew Ross Sorkin, who used it for his coverage of The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. You can watch his report, "Setting the Stage at Davos," over at the NYT site.

With a critically acclaimed director shooting movies with an iPhone and even some professional photographers giving them a go, it's no surprise that the media is starting to use them as real-time news-collecting devices. When even my local news station asks me each night to send in any video I take with my iPhone, I know it has become a rather mainstream phenomenon.

Click Read More to watch video of Ann Derry discussing the iPhone 4 and The New York Times.

[via MacStories]

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