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Earthrise launch day arrives, sandbox title available for purchase

Jef Reahard

Zomg it's a sci-fi sandbox! You'll have to forgive our somewhat subjective enthusiasm on this one, as it's an increasingly rare occasion when we're able to announce the launch of something other than a themepark with classical fantasy elements. Yes, Earthrise is here to (hopefully) save the day for the sandbox die-hards in the audience, and Masthead Studio's skill-based title is available for purchase in both a retail edition (which features a poster and map) and a digital download from Direct2Drive (which comes with exclusive Overdrive armor).

"Our team has channeled years of dedication and hard work into Earthrise, and we are thrilled for those fans who have been following us this entire time, as well as those who are just now checking us out, to experience the world of Enterra. We are already working on updates and expansion packs to be integrated within the next few months, and are excited to continue to develop and enhance the world," says Masthead producer Atanas Atanasov.

As of press time, the server has not come up, and a couple of us have been unable to enter our activation keys into the account page on the Earthrise website. Fear not though, as we've got plenty for you to do while you're waiting impatiently to check out the world of Enterra. Join us after the break for a launch-day roundup of all the recent Earthrise news, interviews, and videos to get yourself up to speed and ready for action.

The trailers

Beta video
The clip features PvE and PvP gameplay, and also offers a glimpse into several locations around the world of Enterra, including the Cascade Mountains, Seyenand, and Sal Vitas square. New equipment is also on display during the combat portions of the video, and you'll be able to see a T5 core flamer, a shielding bubble, and other equipment in action.
Cinematic intro trailer
The trailer is only a couple minutes long, but it nicely captures the feel of a sandbox game, even with only a few lines of dialogue and the barest exploration of the game's backstory.

The interviews

Atanas Atanasov on PvE, banking, and chat
Masthead boss Atanas Atanasov was kind enough to grant us our second interview exclusive in as many months, answering several of our burning questions. We talk about everything from PvE, to skill progression clarification, to universal banking and more.
Dilov & Hristov on Earthrise systems
With an open PvP model, a rich crafting system, and a sumptuous art style, Masthead Studios' upcoming sci-fi post-apocalyptic game, Earthrise, has been gaining more and more interest from our readers.
Atanasov talks PvP, crafting, and payment models
"Almost every item in the game comes from crafting and the whole economy and combat system is aimed at conquering territories and supplying resources to the guild and friendly crafters," he says.
Earthrise devs on player roles and gameplay evolution
Atanasov and Dilov cover a lot of ground in the interview, talking about the lack of pre-defined player roles in comparison to traditional MMOs, as well as the fact that gameplay will evolve primarily due to the choices available to players (and their inevitable consequences).
Atanasov on grinding and gameplay
In Earthrise grinding will be possible, as collecting resources and components from mobs will bring organic material needed for many technologies. Still, it will not dictate that the players must spend time grinding if they don't want to.

Articles and the Earthrise gallery

Launch roadmap and continued development
Masthead Studios revealed not only a list of key features they'll be guaranteeing to provide at launch, but also a roadmap for further development and releases throughout the year.
Earthrise reminds players of SWG
[The shot] features a player character checking out some sort of power gizmo thing-a-ma-doodle. Upon closer inspection, you'll also note that although they blacked out the player names in the chat box, they didn't black out the discussion which reads, in part, "this reminds me so much of SWG."
Dev diary details character builds
This week's piece focuses on character builds and details an avatar named Tommie who provides a jumping-off point for examining a few of the skill and gear options available to residents of Enterra.
Dev diary highlights West Horizon lore
Ready for more sci-fi lore, courtesy of the Earthrise dev team? If so, head over to and check out the latest journal entry for the sci-fi MMORPG. Like the previous two installments, the piece focuses on the history of a particular location in the world of Enterra, and this time around that location is the West Horizon.

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