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PC World placement inadvertently suggests you get a Mac


It's Friday, and a little levity seems appropriate: the FAILblog has posted an image of a newsstand where the cover of PC World, which touts the "Best upgrades for your buck," clearly points to Macworld (and it's apparent this picture was taken some years ago, as the upgrade in question is to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard). Obviously unintentional, at least on PC World's part (I can't speak for the newsstand owner), but a good chuckle nonetheless.

FAILblog lists it as a "win," so clearly they're biased in the same way I am. With the apps included in a Mac OS X distribution, combined with the quality of the hardware and great service agreements, Macs actually are a great "upgrade for your buck." Not to mention, they're awesome.

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