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Pink Knight joining Castle Crashers crew to benefit breast cancer research, PSN-only for now

Always wanted to find a way to donate money to breast cancer research, but you're (curiously) allergic to pink ribbons? The Behemoth has a solution just for you! Meet: the Pink Knight, the latest warrior for old-school-melee-em-up Castle Crashers. He (knights are usually male, right?) comes with "the Lollipop and 4 other brand new additional weapons," all for the reasonable price of $1.99.

Too rich for your blood, you say? Well, The Behemoth is donating 100% of the revenue (that's all of it!) to "charities devoted to Breast Cancer Research." That's capitalized, so you know it's serious. And yes, it's true, this offer is PSN-only for now – with a February 8 release date – but it's not because XBLA owners hate women (ignore this); The Behemoth is "working hard on a title update for XBLA that will feature the Pink Knight as a playable character as well." But what do you do when life hands you (pink?) lemons? If you don't want to wait for pesky certification, you can donate to breast cancer research right here. There, doesn't that feel good?

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