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TUAW's Daily App: Moon Drop


NimbleBit, the company behind Pocket Frogs (which is still one of my favorite games on the App Store), has decided to change all of its titles on the store to the low, low price of free, so if you've never picked up Dizzypad, Sky Burger or this cute little physics-based arcade game, in which you need to safely land as many colonists on the moon as possible, now is the time. The game's quite simple, but just like all of NimbleBit's titles, the polish and charm keep it interesting.

No, it's not a vast title (and while there is Plus integration, there's not a lot to do other than try to beat your own score), but NimbleBit has decided to give away all of its titles for the foreseeable future simply because "free is more fun," so you might as well jump in and check them out. I'll be curious to see what's next from these guys -- they've certainly learned a lot from their previous success with Pocket Frogs, and they're clearly taking those lessons to heart.

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