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Yakuza 4 special edition listed by UK retailer


UK retailer GAME has listed a special edition of Yakuza 4 called the "Kuro Edition" ("kuro" means "black" in Japanese), which includes a SteelBook case for the game, suitable for use as a makeshift weapon should you find yourself in a street fight on the way home.

The package also includes new in-game costumes for all four characters, including wrestling outfits much like those included as bonuses with Yakuza 3. It also includes a "survival" boss rush mode, a racing mode and underground fighting arena DLC -- the perfect venue for that wrestling outfit. GAME is currently offering this edition for the same £50 price as the regular version.

Sega informed Joystiq that the "Kuro Edition" is for Europe only, and won't be offered in North America.

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