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One Shots: Adventure is out there

With another weekend of the RIFT beta whizzing along and lots of people taking some time to run around, we thought it would be nice to feature one of the many RIFT screenshots we've gotten in our One Shots email box recently. This one comes to us from Jeromai, who not only caught an interesting image we hadn't seen yet but offers a challenge to other explorers in the beta. As his note is very long, we've tucked the second half of it behind the break for you to check out. Also, remember you can email your images to us here at along if you'd like to get in on the fun. For now, on with Jeromai's note: "This one goes out to all those who think RIFT is too much on rails.

"I was just messing around in Freemarch when I noticed two small islands on the northeast part of the map. No quests pointed that way, but I decided to make the long swim out there regardless, with the vague intent on testing the exact zone boundaries and expecting to find lifeless barren rock

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"Well, there was rock, but it was beautifully textured rock with three distinct textures of grass, soil and veined rock. And to my surprise, I found a HUGE statue on the farthest island, similar in style to the Argonath. It was so big, I was having trouble fitting it into frame and still capturing anything else of interest. So here's a shot of its base, plus a water rift in the background on the mainland. It was a great explorer moment, quiet and peaceful in contrast to the chaos of the rest of the zone.

"For those curious as to how the entire statue looked, I dare you to swim out there next beta!

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