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EVE Online player creativity -- Papercraft pod edition


Every month, EVE Online developer CCP Fallout trawls the forums to find the best of the community's creative efforts. Previous editions of the Celebrating the Creative Player blog have looked at in-game news websites, a Gallente shuttle remade in Minecraft, and the cross-platform Python Fitting Tool. This month's bumper edition starts off with one of my favourite recent creations -- a flowchart designed to help players pick what they want to do in EVE. Each option is linked to further reading on the topic, making it a handy tool for new players who find themselves lost in EVE.

Also impressing the devs this month is a tool designed to track the bounties gained from missions. It's often difficult to work out what the most profitable missions are to run, and this tool simplifies that by recording a log of bounties on each mission. My personal favourite highlight this month was EVE player Guindel Angeline's papercraft escape pod. We've seen some incredible papercraft EVE ships before, but I think this is the first time someone's made the escape pod.

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