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A catastrophe waiting to happen: Martial Empires expands


The Cataclysm may have passed, but we still have a catastrophe to survive.

The Catastrophe of Babylon, Martial Empires' newest expansion, is slated to arrive at the end of the month. Gamigo's free-to-play martial arts MMO already offers all the kung fu action you can handle, but now it will be fleshed out with much-anticipated (and needed) additions.

One of the biggest features on Babylon's plate is the implementation of the long-awaited guild wars. High-level guilds will finally be able to go head-to-head with each other in brutal guild battles. Victorious guilds will be showered with long-term buffs and plenty of gold, which should be enough incentive for truly competitive fights.

Babylon will also overhaul Martial Empires' graphics with a new rendering engine, and many of the monsters will be given makeovers to fit in better and boost their self-esteem. Players can anticipate exploring a number of additional dungeons in Babylon as well.

Gamigo plans to hold an event to award access to the test servers for The Catastrophe of Babylon in the near future.

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