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A week of humanity for Guild Wars 2

Eliot Lefebvre

Even though they've been the only playable race for all of Guild Wars, humans have never had an easy run of things. Beset by enemies that destroyed the nations of Ascalon and Orr, manipulated by otherworldly beings, and thrown into conflict again and again, human beings have always triumphed in the end. And while the 250 years between the original game and Guild Wars 2 have only served to heap more indignities on the race, the nation of Kryta has withstood the onslaughts and endured. That's why humans are the first race to be featured with a full week of discussion.

Human Week is kicking off today for Guild Wars 2 with three pieces of concept art and plans for the next several days. Tuesday will see a reveal on the human story and crafting the proper tone, Wednesday will be reserved for discussing human style and clothing, and Thursday will see more background detail and a homeland video tour. Then Friday will unveil the balance between Kryta's three armed factions, no doubt one of the main flashpoints for conflict in the game's story. GW2 might be starting with the most familiar race of all, but as always, the lore and design reveals promise to be anything but pedestrian.

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