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City of Heroes gives players a grace period for anniversary rewards

Eliot Lefebvre

Some time ago, City of Heroes announced the Vanguard Pack, a reward for players who maintained an unbroken subscription from the beginning of February until the anniversary in April. It's a fine offer and a chance for players to get some rewards without having to do anything extra. But if you meant to return and didn't quite get around to it, you probably assumed your chance had passed. Not so, as the team at Paragon Studios has extended the eligible time period until February 14th.

All players maintaining an active subscription from February 14th until April 18th will receive the anniversary rewards for free, including the Vanguard Pack, a new emote, a special badge, and a new chest emblem. The rewards don't actually unlock until the 18th, but the 18th is the last day you have to maintain the subscription to be eligible. Former City of Heroes players who don't want to miss out or players enticed to try the game for the first time should be happy to know that there are still seven more days to meet the revised eligibility standards for the rewards -- after that, you're all out of grace.

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