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Early access to Verizon iPhone: One guy got his already


9 to 5 Mac has linked to video of someone who managed to finagle his package out of the local UPS distribution center and get a hold of his Verizon iPhone on Saturday. This guy's camera operator flipped between portrait and landscape orientation, so if you want to get a really good look at all of it, do a bit of stretching first.

I'm surprised we only have one report of this, honestly. With as long as people have waited, I figured we would see quite a few more videos and reports like this one.

The image 9 to 5 Mac posted shows the iPhone in a case, the iPhone 4 box and a Getting Started guide. It appears the case is an OtterBox of some sort; the same user posted a brief video tour of his iPhone titled Verizon iPhone in OtterBox Defender Case, but the OtterBox site says all the Verizon cases are forthcoming, not actually out yet. I also checked the Verizon site, and it didn't show any either.

Most people who have tipped us to their shipping status have said that their Verizon iPhones are scheduled for delivery on Monday. Hopefully the crazy weather won't delay too many of those packages, and we'll get to see more of these videos. According to its website, new Verizon customers can go online first thing Wednesday (12:01 AM PST/3:01 AM EST) -- or late Tuesday, depending how you look at it -- and order their own. Verizon iPhones will show up in stores Thursday morning at 7 AM local time.

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