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I Am Alive report was a 'joke,' game's continued delay evidently not a joke

We're going to ask you to remember all the way back to last week, when we reported on a rumor that the long-in-development (and optimistically titled) I Am Alive was, in fact, still alive but would only see release on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Nearly a full week after that story crawled out of the rubble we know as the internet, and a week after Ubi said that it had "not recently announced anything for I Am Alive" and, in case it wasn't totally clear, it has "nothing official to announce at this time," we have an update from the source of the rumor.

The French-language video show Warpzone is a part of French gaming site JeuxVideo, which said, "Obviously, anyone who has watched Warpzone immediately understood it was an unimportant joke." It was seemingly so unimportant that they waited until now to let everyone know! As for the fate of I Am Alive, Ubisoft's unwillingness to confirm whether or not the title is a retail game or a downloadable game, or really to talk about it at all, isn't filling us with hope.

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