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Pyxis 'Operating Environment' hits .NET, leaves no embedded chip unturned (video)

Tim Stevens

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Almost exactly one year ago we got a little demo of Pyxis courtesy of Thomas Holtquist. It was basically a micro-OS, bringing simple application launching and other functionality to the very limited hardware of Arduino. It didn't have anything on Windows 3.1, never mind XP, but it certainly made interacting with DIY hardware a lot easier. Now Pyxis 2 is here, the so-called "Operating Environment" has been ported to the .NET Micro Framework. .NET MF is basically a version of Microsoft's .NET platform but stripped down and optimized for embedded circuits and the like, and Pyxis 2 makes app development and execution on that platform much easier. It's all demonstrated in the video below, and all the source code is ready and waiting to satisfy the needs of your development environment.

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