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RIFT's Telara the Merciless open beta starts February 15th

Jef Reahard

Let's face it. This time next week, some of us will be entirely sick of all the warm, fuzzy, cuddle-bug lovin' that typically signifies mid-February. Thankfully Trion Worlds is here to remind us that there are plenty of dragons, plate-clad pretty people, and a violent, war-torn world to explore when we've had our fill of Valentine's Day chocolates, truffles, and pink.

On February 15th, gamers across the land will be able to take part in RIFT's six-day open beta extravaganza. The event is billed as Telara the Merciless and will feature two playable factions, 42 levels, three PvP warfronts, and several explorable zones and dungeons. Signups are going on now, and you can also get ahead of the competition by pre-ordering and securing a spot in the head start event (February 24th to March 1st).

Finally, any dungeon boss that dies by your hand grants you a chance to win a spiffy Nvidia graphics card as well as an in-game prize pack. Get the full details at RIFT's official website.

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