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Ben Heck builds a portable Sega CDX


Remember how when you were a kid, your parents would see you playing video games for hours and force you to go outside and "get some fresh air," whatever that meant? Remember how you would then sneak down into the sewers and pretend you were playing Sewer Shark? Remember that? Uh, you have no idea what we're talking about, do you? Great, now we look like a bunch of weirdos.

Now that our whole intro is shot, we'll get right to the point: Ben Heckendorn has used his Frankenstein-like ability to create new life from old, defunct consoles to make handheld console out of the Sega CDX, making the dream of subterranean Sewer Shark possible. As you can see in the image above, it's quite small -- the portable taps an old camcorder battery for power, a gutted Genesis pad for the controls and a four-inch LCD screen for the display. It's an impressive mod (as the majority of Ben Heck's work is), whose creation is documented in the video just past the break.

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