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Confession: A Roman Catholic App receives an imprimatur and your sins


I grew up Catholic and remember the nervousness of going to confession each week. Little iApps has created Confession: A Roman Catholic App, which aims to remove some of the trepidation of those visits by logging your sins, tracking your prayers, offering a step-by-step guide to the sacrament and offering some religious guidance by way of an "examination of conscience." If you're worried about people seeing all the bad things you've been up to, there's also password-protection for your profiles. It happens to be the first iOS app to receive an imprimatur, which is essentially a blessing from the church to publish the app.

I spoke to one of the developers this afternoon and he informed me that Little iApps is donating a portion of the proceeds to various Catholic charities, so the US$1.99 price is not just a way to get money from the devout iDevice users out there. I must admit it's an interesting approach to a centuries-old practice, and the interface is clean and simple (and tuned for iPhone or iPad, depending). It's designed to be used in and out of the confessional booth. If you are Catholic, it's likely worth a look. If you're Catholic and you sin frequently, well, just be sure you use that password.

[Due to the religious nature of this post we've turned off comments. Sorry, some folks can't be civil no matter how nicely we ask. - Ed.]

[Via BBC and Engadget]

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