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DC Universe Online releases a cinematic of the future... and the present

Eliot Lefebvre

It was always an interesting point for fans that the instigator of DC Universe Online's boom in superhumans was Lex Luthor from an alternate future timeline. After all, Luthor has always been portrayed as one of the most ardent villains in the IP, a scheming and calculating figure, someone whose actions are always made with his benefit as the end goal. The newest cinematic trailer for the game addresses precisely that fact, and it does so with a style and energy that's admirable.

As the video opens, we see Luthor and an unknown character, Fracture, fleeing through the Fortress of Solitude in the wake of Brainiac's world-shattering attack. Their mission, and the ultimate backstory behind Luthor's plan to change the course of history, is given a satisfying and energizing twist over the course of the trailer. DC Universe Online fans would do well to watch the movie just after the break, to get a closer look at the developing backstory behind the game's premise.

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