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Dead Space plasma cutter replicas will strategically dismember your savings


The Plasma Cutter replica included with the collector's edition of Dead Space 2 is nice and all, but it doesn't have that overboard extravagance that some people want from their video game memorabilia. Now, these full-size replicas being released next month -- there's some real, substantial money-wastin'.

The $220 replica of the Plasma Cutter from the first Dead Space, and the $240 Dead Space 2 version, are packaged in metal briefcase-style carriers, and have rechargeable batteries to power the realistic "3-blast spot" lighting. The only thing they lack is real cutting power -- which is a shame, because at these prices, you're going to wish for real life-or-death monster battles to justify the cost.

[Thanks, Johnnynumber5!]

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