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Guerrilla considered 'on-rails version of Killzone 2' for PlayStation Move


In an interview with Ars Technica about implementing PlayStation Move support in the developer's latest FPS epic, Killzone 3, Guerrilla Games lead programmer Tommy de Roos revealed that it once toyed with the notion of a motion-controlled Killzone 2. "One of the first ideas was to create an on-rails version of Killzone 2," he told the site. (We can see it now: "Killzone 2: Extraction.")

What killed the idea was a simple matter of practicality. "Once we realized how much work that would be, since all encounters would have to be re-scripted, we decided against it," Roos said. While that's a valid reason for sure, maybe Guerrilla should have at least considered making an FMV light gun game out of the original, pre-rendered Killzone 2 trailer. After all, it was practically born for the part.

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