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iControlPad finally available for order, shipping next week

Tim Stevens

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The iControlPad hasn't been flirting with vaporware status for quite as long as Duke Nukem Forever but certainly long enough to make us wonder if we'd ever be able to use it to kick some in-game butt before we ran out of bubblegum. We've been tantalized by this formerly iPhone-exclusive adapter since way back in 2008, when it was going to be a simple case with a dock connector that would let you control those emulators with greater ease. It's grown significantly since then, the latest version shown above -- the final version, as it happens. It's now available for order at a cost of $74.99, and we're happy to say that ditching that dock connector and going for Bluetooth has expanded support well past the iDevice crowd, including things like the Motorola Blackflip, Blackberry Touch, and the now-classic G1. However, we're told not all games and emulators will work with the thing, so your mileage may vary. First devices ship next week, so make with the clicking.

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