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LEGO Universe releases Crux Prime update

Jef Reahard

Pirates or ninjas? That is the age-old question. As of today we know where the LEGO Universe team stands thanks to the new Crux Prime update. LEGO's Ninjago line is the star of NetDevil's latest content patch, and players can participate in a new storyline that involves the search for Sensei Wu. It seems the reclusive Wu is a master of Spinjitzu, the only skill that can stand up to the hordes of skeleton enemies descending on Crux Prime.

The patch contains a substantial amount of new content including over 100 missions and achievements, over 100 new pieces of gear, and four rare armor sets to collect.

Finally, the Crux Prime update brings multiplayer team functionality to the fight against The Maelstrom, and groups of up to four friends can join forces to save the Nexus Tower and do battle to protect the Imagination Nexus. Get a glimpse of the new Crux Prime trailer after the cut.

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