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MDK 2 for WiiWare in certification, new PC version still in the works


Remember, last year, when Interplay said it was reviving the BioWare action classic MDK 2 on WiiWare? Not only does the project still exist, it sounds like it's actually nearing completion. Trent Oster -- head of the WiiWare version's developer IdeaSpark Labs -- announced on the Beamdog forums that "MDK 2 for WiiWare has entered the final stages of the certification process" and is currently awaiting approval from Nintendo. He added that the Wiimote "adds a great deal to the gameplay, making a great action platformer even better."

IdeaSpark, founded by Oster and fellow ex-BioWare member Cameron Tofer, recently launched the aforementioned Beamdog distribution service, which will eventually host another upcoming version of MDK 2, the PC-bound MDK 2 HD. Speaking of which, Tofer also noted on the forums that the team is "looking for feedback and suggestions" concerning the HD remake.

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