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Launch week deals on Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Test Drive Unlimited 2 at Kmart


Unless you lucked into one of those half-off coupons from Amazon, you're unlikely to find a better deal on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at launch than the one Kmart's offering right now -- albeit a deal contingent upon your continued Kmart shopping. From Feb. 15 through 19, the retailer is offering its "Shop Your Way Rewards" members $25 worth of points for in-store purchases of the game. Kmart is also giving away an exclusive poster (above) with MvC3 purchases -- supplies are limited, of course.

In addition, Kmart is throwing a pile of deals at people interested in Test Drive Unlimited 2. Through Feb. 12, the retailer is giving away a free code for a Ferrari 612 Sessanta. In-store purchases for 360 will come with free copies of the PC version of Test Drive Unlimited 1, and PS3 buyers get the first game on PSP thrown in. And if you're a member of that rewards program, you get $10 worth of points. With this kind of bribery, Kmart's making a pretty good argument for becoming a member and getting into a Kmart habit.

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