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Marvelous cancels multiplatform RPG nobody knew existed


No More Heroes and Harvest Moon publisher Marvelous Entertainment's latest financial report includes the sad news that the company has decided to cancel an "epic RPG" that was in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The loss of the title comes as a surprise to us, because Marvelous never told anyone about it in the first place. Marvelous hinted at an original IP for "new hardware" back in 2010.

Marvelous reported ¥245 million ($2.9 million) in losses from the development of this title, which is especially impressive in proportion to the company's operating profit of ¥409 million ($4.9 million), of which the digital contents division (the part that makes games) brought in ¥89 million. That operating profit, by the way, is a great improvement over last year's ¥1,208 million ($14.6 million) loss.

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