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The iControlPad clamps a controller to your phone

The iControlPad -- a peripheral we first learned about in 2008 -- is still alive, kicking, and ready to be ordered for $74.99 before its initial February 16 ship date.

The device attaches a simple Bluetooth game pad to your smartphone of choice using various clamps, which currently support iPhones, Blackberry Touch, HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1 and a handful of other devices. It's designed to make emulators on jailbroken phones much easier to play -- though the official site for the iControlPad admits, "software for your phone may be thin on the ground at first, and we encourage you to ask your favorite developers to support it." Also, being forced to de-clamp your phone to receive a call is going to be the nerdiest thing you've ever done in public. Buyer beware!

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