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WoW Moviewatch: Alexstrasza


We first covered this awesome parody by Sharm and Tyranno back in August. It was an instant hit with the WoW Insider staff and remains such to this very day. Something about the singing, the light-hearted feel, and the natural change from Alejandro to Alexstrasza just makes it magic.

Back when it was released, Matt Low called it "the best thing since Chopsticks," while Ziebart himself said, "I love it, it's hilarious." By comparison, Mathew McCurley said, "I went from 'hate you' to 'love you' almost weirdly fast."

More recently, Robin said, "I am of course influenced by the fact that The Spawn likes to sing and dance to it with me. But it's a fun cover of a fun song, is lore-heavy and rather silly with the disappearing cape to show off her rear assets. Sharm's vocals are wonderful, as usual, and she completely outshines the original. I wish it started off more quickly, but the wait is worth it. And the first line cracks me up every time."

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