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WSJ: Clearwire moving away from retail, will concentrate on network wholesale business

Chris Ziegler

Though it apparently doesn't have any plans in place to close its existing 140 stores around the country, The Wall Street Journal is reporting this evening that network operator Clearwire is halting its direct retail strategy to concentrate on selling the use of its airwaves to other providers -- providers such as Sprint and Comcast, for example, both of which make use of Clearwire's WiMAX network for their own 4G services. The move doesn't come as much of a surprise since the company announced unfortunate numbers back in November of last year -- numbers that forced it to scale back its headcount and its dreams of launching Clear-branded handsets in the near term -- and WSJ says that the move may make Sprint more comfortable investing more cash in the company since they'll no longer be giving off the appearance that they're competing head-to-head on the customer level. Investment is exactly what Clearwire needs to survive right now, and whether it comes from Sprint or another national carrier that's in the market for 4G spectrum, you know what they say: money is money.

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