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Dark Souls demo unlikely, title worked through several naming issues


Dark Souls (the closest thing to Demon's Souls 2) isn't scheduled to have a demo when it launches this year on consoles. That little nugget is just one of many found in an extensive interview 4Gamer (translated by Andriasang) had with From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is charged with directing what will likely be another impressive, masochistic gaming experience.

Miyazaki noted the game is expected to last about 60 hours and will have about 100 enemy types. In contrast, he estimated Demon's Souls took about 30-40 hours and had about 30 enemies.

He also mentioned that two potential names for the game were scrapped due to international concerns. The title of Dark Ring was flushed because of an association with dirty slang in England (remember Elebits?). The original title was going to be Dark Race, but that ran the risk of being interpreted as racist -- the working title was changed to Project Dark two days before the Tokyo Game Show reveal.

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