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Dragon Age 2 demo no longer available early to GameStop employees


A couple of weeks ago, EA and BioWare offered GameStop employees early access to the Dragon Age 2 demo, due out February 22 everywhere else. That early access has since been rescinded: BioWare posted a terse note on the page formerly used to get to the GameStop demo, announcing that "Due to security reasons, we have decided to delay this offer until the demo publically releases on February 22."

During an interview at DICE, BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka -- who hadn't heard about the demo's removal yet -- told Joystiq that in addition to the security concerns (which weren't explained, but likely involve people disseminating the PC demo before its official release), "Maybe the goal is to release them all simultaneously, because all three platforms are important to us." EA said it will issue an official statement soon; we'll update when we hear it.

Update: EA tells Joystiq: "We originally wanted to release a version of the Dragon Age 2 demo to some of our partners early, but could not find a way to keep it exclusive. After further consideration we decided to wait to release the demo all at once on February 22nd."

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