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EFI adds AirPrint to corporate copiers and printers


AirPrint is wonderful for those of us who can use it to print to home printers, but until now, the technology has been useless for most corporate copier / printers. That's all set to change now that EFI is providing support for AirPrint to its signature Fiery print servers.

The PrintMe Connect software enables direct wireless printing from any iOS 4.2 mobile device. The software is free to download, and it works for printing to any Fiery-driven printer. According to EFI, "It is a software application that runs as a proxy on a Windows system to enable AirPrint printing for Fiery-driven printers with System 8/8e or later software version." AppleInsider notes that PrintMe Connect expands AirPrint to work with large format, high end and multifunction printers in the enterprise, and that there are more than 250,000 printers in corporate offices that will benefit from this free update.

Up to this point, only HP has announced printers that are officially supported by AirPrint, so it's exciting to see that the iOS printing standard is now making it to the big leagues with EFI. Do you work in an office where your print jobs are routed through a Fiery print server? Let us know if your corporation allows you to use PrintMe Connect for printing from your iOS device.

[via AppleInsider]

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