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Frogster releases Runes of Magic Chapter IV teasers


Free-to-play fantasy giant Runes of Magic has had more than its fair share of problems lately. When a hacker named Cpt.Z3r0 posted the usernames and passwords of several thousand Runes of Magic accounts, publisher Frogster was placed in a difficult position. Rather than giving in to the hacker's demands, Frogster has been working with law enforcement and attempting to improve internal security.

Showing that they can still find the humour in this terrible situation, Frogster has released a parody video of the original hacker's video as a teaser trailer for their upcoming Chapter IV update. The teaser trailer comes at the same time as several new preview screenshots of the Chapter IV content, which the game's developer Runewaker is currently working on. Chapter IV is scheduled for release in April of this year, so if you're looking forward to the update, marvel at our gallery full of giant teddy bears, comfy seats and piles of gold, or skip past the cut to watch the short teaser trailer.

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