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Full House Poker offers Windows Phone 7 connectivity


Full House Poker isn't simply notable for its inclusion in Xbox Live's House Party lineup. It's also one of the first examples of connectivity between Xbox Live on the console and on Windows Phone 7. Not only is it the first Xbox Live-enabled mobile game with Avatar integration, but players will be able to transfer their progress from the console to mobile, and vice versa. As an Xbox Live representative explained to Joystiq, "you'll be able to carry over both experience points and the bank roll you earn."

While stats will be persistent across both versions of the game, the connectivity doesn't run much deeper. For example, each title will have different Achievements that are "tailored specifically for each platform." It also doesn't appear there are any plans for cross-platform multiplayer support.

Full House Poker will be available on Windows Phone and Xbox 360 on March 16. While the XBLA version will go for 800 Microsoft Points ($10), the mobile version will be $2.99.

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