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Kaz Hirai sees PlayStation Suite as potential 'killer app' on Google TV; 'won't ignore' WP7, iOS


While Jack Tretton wasn't ready to discuss the potential of PlayStation Suite on other platforms, a recently translated post-PlayStation Meeting roundtable with Kaz Hirai showed it's definitely on Sony's mind. According to Tech-On, Hirai said "(Sony) might provide the PSS as a killer application to spread the use of the Google TV," while also mentioning Windows and iOS as other mobile operating systems it could target. Still, don't think Sony is gearing up to take on living room gaming (and potentially Apple TV) from a new angle just yet as Hirai made clear smartphones were priority number one, followed by the quickly expanding tablet market. One way or another, even if you're not yet interested in a new PSP or Android phone, expect to see the PlayStation Certified sticker creeping into even more devices eventually.

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