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Lionhead survey seeks feedback on Fable franchise


What's your favorite Fable game? Lionhead is seeking the (obvious) answer in a community survey that's also intended to rank the franchise's thirteen core features, as listed by the developer, in order of importance. Fable players are asked to evaluate design elements like accessibility, British humour, co-op and the Dog, assigning each its rightful, subjective rank. (And what about the bugs, you're wondering? Those are actually dealt with in a separate survey.)

"Sure we could try and digest 1,000,000 forum posts and come up with the data that way," Lionhead community manager Sam Van Tilburgh wrote in a community call to take the survey, "but it would take way too long and so it isn't very efficient."

"Lionhead has a long relationship with a large and passionate community," Van Tilburgh added in a comment on the post, "so it's just a continuation of what we've been doing for many years now" -- and, presumably, for many years to come. Head of the pride Peter Molyneux has previously said his studio has plans for at least a Fable 4 and 5, which could include Kinect integration (not mentioned in the survey).

Fable 3 debuted last October and went on to become the #7 bestselling release of 2010 on Xbox 360, according to NPD data published by Gamasutra. The PC version is still unreleased.

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