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New studio formed from veteran MMO talent

Eliot Lefebvre

Video game development bears a certain similarity to rock music, insofar as a successful project usually leads to people breaking off and going in new directions. Of course, unlike the frequently unsuccessful solo careers in the music industry, breakaway studios can often reach new heights. Second Star Interactive is a new studio working as a division of Idea Fabrik, the company behind the HeroEngine being used by upcoming games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. The team's goal? To release a new game using the engine by the end of 2011

It's a tall order, but there's a solid log of talent on the team -- Mythic Entertainment and Warhammer Online veterans such as Darrin Hyrup, Lori Hyrup, and Cooper Buckingham working alongside Ultima Online's Tim Cotten and Eric Piccione. While there are no details to be had on the game at this time, it's certainly being put together by a team with the experience to make it excellent. Time will tell what comes out of the studio, but we should be seeing something new by the end of the year.

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