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Newest Guild Wars 2 reveal includes human history and video

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Guild Wars 2 fans were treated to an early-morning release of the newest dose of human information today.

Today's reveal gave a brief summary of human history, a tale well-known to Guild Wars players, along with some interesting new details on familiar foes such as the Modniir. The human gods have withdrawn from their followers, and this information tells us more about their motivation and the human response.

The cherry on top is the new video entitled "Kryta: The Last Human Homeland." It's a sweeping tour of Divinity's Reach and an introduction to the Krytan area of Valley Hill, accompanied by a new musical score, as well as the ambient sound and voicework that is fast becoming a hallmark of Guild Wars 2.

Visit the Guild Wars 2 site for further information on the human race, and keep your eyes open for next Monday's Flameseeker Chronicles for our analysis of Human Week!

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