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Nokia's Capital Markets Day is tomorrow, and we'll be there live!

Vlad Savov

February 11th, 2011. It looks set to be a day to remember in the grand history of that titan of the mobile industry, Nokia Corporation. Its fearless new leader has been trumpeting the need for change both in public appearances and in the private corridors of Espoo, and tomorrow he gets the stage all to himself, having been handed the keys and told to pick a direction in which to drive. Will he steer Finland's proudest export into the warm embrace of Microsoft and its developing Windows Phone 7 platform? Will he respond to being described as the orchestrator of a turkey sandwich? Or will he be his usual understated self and lay out a sensible roadmap for righting the wrongs of Nokia's recent past? If we're lucky, he'll do all three tomorrow morning. The show gets started early, at 10AM GMT, but whether you're staying up late or getting up early, we don't expect you to miss a moment of it.

12:00AM - Hawaii
02:00AM - Pacific
03:00AM - Mountain
04:00AM - Central
05:00AM - Eastern
10:00AM - London
11:00AM - Paris
01:00PM - Moscow
03:30PM - Mumbai
07:00PM - Tokyo
09:00PM - Sydney

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