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Tekken Tag 2 has 'Stage Gimmick' system, unlockable weapons


Dead or Alive has always been lauded for its interactive stages, and it would seem Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is taking a page out of its playbook. A feature in the latest issue of Famitsu (via Andriasang) gives us word that the environmental interaction is being expanded in Tag 2. Like the crumbling floors seen in Tekken 6, players will be able to access entirely new areas of a stage by knocking opposing players through parts of the environment. A specific scenario is documented in the Famitsu piece, where one player knocks another through a wall, causing them to land in an entirely different part of the stage, where the attacker's partner is waiting to resume the assault.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 also brings back items, which has become a staple of the Tekken series in its most recent iterations. They won't just be cosmetic this time around, however -- two items mentioned are a baseball bat and a goofy hat with a hammer head jutting out from the face of it, both of which can be used in combat.

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