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'World of StarCraft' mod reborn as 'StarCraft Universe'

Ryan Winzen's dream of using the StarCraft 2 mod tools to create his own full-fledged MMORPG wasn't crushed by Blizzard -- rather, it was only renamed. Winzen's "World of StarCraft" mod, which saw its video demos pulled from YouTube by Blizzard (citing copyright violations), is now known by a much less infringing title: "StarCraft Universe." (We just hope the Lego Universe folks don't take umbrage with the new moniker. Yeesh.)

It seems the modders that are working on StarCraft Universe with Winzen have also adopted a much more realistic set of goals to go along with the new name. For instance, they're adhering to the 12-player cap that's applied to all other player-made StarCraft 2 mods. We guess that makes it just a "MORPG," now -- though that also sounds like the name of some kind of exotic alien species. But hey, that's kind of appropriate too!

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