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Your first look at 3DS's 'Dream Trigger'


D3 Publisher announced Dream Trigger, a musical 3DS shmup with an interesting "sonar" gimmick, back in December. Today, the publisher finally shared the first screenshots of the Art Co. Ltd.-developed shooter and, well ... it's almost as hard to make sense of these screens as it was of no screens.

The images reveal abstract, colorful backgrounds, ranging from glowing circles of unknown composition to some kind of circular city, all covered in diamond-shaped bullets. What looks like the "sonar" effect issues out in two beams from the player ship to locate enemies. With backgrounds like these, it's good you have some kind of tool to highlight the enemies.

To see more of D3 Publisher's first 3D publication, head into our gallery below.

Gallery: Dream Trigger (3DS) | 3 Photos

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