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AT&T iPhone customers: go grab your free 1000 minutes


Loyal AT&T iPhone customer? AT&T wants to say thank you to iPhone owners by sending you 1000 free rollover minutes. All you have to do is text.

We first heard about this free 1000 minutes deal earlier today but declined to post because we weren't sure that AT&T really was offering it to all customers. We sent an email to AT&T PR and never heard back, but since 9to5Mac claims that AT&T has confirmed this is legitimate for all customers, here are the details of how to claim your minutes.

Hop in to your SMS app and send off the message YES to 11113020 by March 31, 2011. Your account will be credited with 1000 bonus rollover minutes -- although it can take up to four weeks to process the offer. Enjoy!

Update: We contacted AT&T via Seth Bloom (blogger relations) to ensure this was legit and he said, "It's a valid text that some customers are getting. We've done it before, thanking customers."

Didn't get this text? If you've previously opted out of AT&T's special offers, you can call 611 (1-800-331-0500 from a land-line) and request it back. Tell the representative that you want to receive "AT&T Marketing Solicitations" on your account. You cannot, according to the AT& T rep I spoke to, re-activate this feature through the web service or through your iPhone's AT&T app or the SMS app.

(Update: TUAW Commenters suggest that sending YES back to this number automatically opts you in as well... You get rollover minutes, they get a willing customer to receive marketing texts.)

The rep also clarified some details about the new $20 individual/$30 family unlimited mobile-to-mobile feature plan. This plan can be added on top of individual calling plans starting at 450 minutes and family calling plans that have at least 700 minutes, she told me. That means, for example, you cannot add it to the 550 Family plan. As you'd expect from the name, the plan adds toll-free minuteless calling to all national wireless carriers, but cannot be applied to calls to landlines.

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