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EVE devblog tackles CCP's committment to fixing small issues


Several months ago, EVE Online forumite Akita T began the "thousand papercut project." The aim of the project is to collect a list of all those tiny issues that irritate players about EVE. Putting aside any large balance or mechanic problems, Akita T suggested that all the little issues developers have put off dealing with are now all adding up to have a huge negative impact on players. Supporters of the project will be pleased to know that CCP has taken notice. In a new devblog, game designer CCP Soundwave has explained plans to work on a long list of small issues during the current development cycle.

Having previously worked mainly on large projects like the Sansha incursions, CCP Soundwave's development team "Best Friends Forever" has already been hard at work on a variety of small issues, bugs and improvements that will be deployed soon. Among the many changes are improvements to the recently deployed incursion mechanic, including a much-needed change to deny the use of remote armour repairers and shield transporters on criminals. This closes a loophole griefers were using to trick incursion fleet logistics ships into being destroyed by CONCORD. Incursions should also last longer in highsec, and Sansha's forces shouldn't recapture lowsec or nullsec systems as quickly when encounters aren't being run. Head over to the devblog for a list of the first round of small issues tackled so far by CCP Soundwave and friends.

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