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PAX organizers surveying about European expansion


Could PAX be heading across the pond? Obnoxious WWII-era names for the Atlantic Ocean aside, a recent survey from PAX organizers Reed Exhibitions heavily suggest that plans are being made to do just that. Among the three pages of standard survey questions are such giveaways as, "If we brought PAX to the UK, would you attend?" and "If we decide to hold a PAX UK, where would you prefer to see it take place?"

Notably, the "where would you prefer to see it take place?" question offers a handful of London-based locations, as well as "Outside London" and "Other" options -- unfortunately, "somewhere that doesn't rain all the time" isn't a choice. But hey, we're just kidding Londoners. We'd love another reason to visit your continent!

When we asked the folks at Penny Arcade what they had to say about it, biz dude Robert Khoo told us, "We're just trying to see if people would be interested." He further noted that "it's not anything we're ready to act on in the near future." How about if we ask real nice? Maybe in an English accent?

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